Date Day Lecture Topic Notes Covered or Additional Notes
12/29/20 Tues All the Racket you need to know How to Design Programs, Pt II Skim Ch. 1 as you need.
12/30/20 Wed Bonus! Extra, more Racket practice & Qs  
Enrichment   Barliman: when miniKanren does it for you Trying to solve the halting problem, blindfolded, backwards
12/31/20 Thurs Additional Racket Practice, pattern-matching, etc  
Enrichment   mediKanren: saving lives with logic The Algorithm for Precision Medicine How to mediKanren
Enrichment   the most beautiful program ever written Talk
1/5/21 Tues miniKanren & from functions to relations Presentation/Talk Walk-through
Enrichment   The logic in logic programming Downward, “Predicate Logic as …”
1/7/21 Thurs miniKanren programming qs, more practice general impl background  
Enrichment   dxo and relational math Talk Paper
Enrichment   Inference and judgment miniKanren Type Inference, Type Inhabitation
Enrichment   Typed miniKanren implementation Paper
1/12/21 Tues Implementing a Kanren Paper
Enrichment   Implementing Kanren constraint systems Slides + (Optional!)
1/14/21 Thurs Layers and Layers of Languages Oxford 16 Byrd et al