Office Hours

Waiting Room / Study Hall

We will use the Microsoft Teams Team room for this class as a standing “study hall” room, and a waiting room where students should virtually wait for our staff will go to find you when it is your turn. If you can help another student without “giving away the punchline” of a question or assignment, then that’s a perfectly reasonable thing to do. Helping someone else get unstuck is one of the more productive things you can do while you are yourself stuck and waiting for help!

We encourage you to, while stuck, try and help a fellow student who could benefit from what you might already know how to explain.

Office Hours Location and Format

For obvious reasons, this semester we will hold office hours remotely. Our TA staff will use the Khoury Office Hours system, helping students on a first-come, first-serve basis. Jason has linked his calendar so you can book a 20 minute appointment for a Teams call during his office hours. Otherwise email me for an appointment.

Effective Office Hours