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“I know what you’re thinking about,” said Tweedledum; “but it isn’t so, nohow.” “Contrariwise,” continued Tweedledee, “if it was so, it might be; and if it were so, it would be; but as it isn’t, it ain’t. That’s logic.”

Lewis Carroll, “Through the Looking Glass”

Welcome to the “Logic and Computation” for Spring 2021. We hope this will be an education and enjoyable experience. We endeavor to spotlight the logical underpinnings of skills you have previously learned, and also to contextualize the deep connections between mathematical logic and computation. This course will teach you how to prove theorems about your programs. You will learn the importance of thinking logically when designing your programs, and the benefits of tooling that helps to check your programs are correct.

Classes and Labs

This being a NUflex class, students may attend in different ways. Please defer to the dynamic scheduler on how to attend on any given day.

Lecture Instructor Dates Time Location
30057 Jason MWR 10:30-11:35 Dodge Hall 050 or Zoom
32355 Jason MWR 1:35-2:40 Dodge Hall 050 or Zoom

Students registered for one of several lab sections. Please attend your specific lab section.

Lab Section Instructor Day Time Virtual Location
37310 Drew Fri 9:50-10:40 Zoom
30605 Drew Fri 10:45-11:35 Zoom
30019 Drew Fri 11:45-12:35 Zoom
30004 Drew Fri 12:40-1:30 Zoom
30003 Drew Fri 1:35-2:25 Zoom
30002 Drew Fri 2:30-3:20 Zoom